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Start Rebuilding Your Credit with Help from Bob's Bargain Center

When buying a car, one of the factors that get considered is your credit score. Fortunately, poor credit doesn't have to hold you back. There are ways to rebuild your credit so that you can get your credit score to a place you want it to be. Here at our dealership, we use ShuttleScore, which is an app that can help you repair your credit and get on the path towards getting a better credit score. Our team is dedicated to helping our customers rebuild their credit, and we're eager to help you.

What is credit repair?

Overall, repairing your credit involves addressing poor credit causes from all angles. Specifically, credit repair refers to the process of addressing and disputing possible errors on a credit report for the purposes of improving your credit. Why is it important to repair your credit? You can reap a variety of benefits from repairing your credit, such as lower interest rates, approval for higher limits, and more negotiating power overall.

How does credit repair work?

We can help you with credit repair in a few ways:

  • Challenging any negative items in your credit report with all three bureaus to ensure that your reports are accurate
  • Asking your creditors to verify any of the negative items that they report (they're required by law to stop reporting them if they can't)
  • Continuing to keep an eye on your credit and tackling any further issues as they come up to help you reach your goals

Why do credit reports matter?

Your credit report can factor into a variety of situations. Landlords, utility companies, insurance providers, and employers might request a credit report, so it pays to take the necessary steps to ensure that your credit report is in good shape.

Why is filing a dispute online not advised?

If you file a dispute for credit reporting errors online, you can run into a couple of issues. One, there isn't a paper trail, which can hinder the process of getting things removed from your credit report. Two, information is handled differently, which can cause problems in the future.

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